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For issues concerning social insurance, members of an association board or an organising committee are jointly and severally liable without limitation with regard to their personal assets.
01. December 2020

Clubs and associations with social security risks

Clubs and associations that pay wages have the same social security obligations as companies. This includes paying old-age survivors insurance (OASI/AHV) contributions and taking out accident insurance for employees.

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The Federal Administrative Court has ruled that a taxi firm based in Zurich must insure all its employees with the SVA because the drivers are classified as gainfully employed.
02. November 2020

Taxi firms must join the SUVA

The Federal Administrative Court deemed it irrelevant that most transport services take place mainly as an intermediary transaction between customers and taxi drivers with their own vehicles.

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On 16 July 2020, the European Court of Justice annulled the EU-US Privacy Shield.
02. October 2020

EU-US Privacy Shield annulled by the European Court of Justice

As a result, the EU can classify Switzerland’s level of data protection as insufficient, which would have an enormous impact on the export of personal data.

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If the employee is fully trained in his or her profession, the employer is faced with less stringent requirements when it comes to instructing and supervising employees.
03. September 2020

Employer’s duty of care in the event of an occupational accident

The employer’s duty of care includes the prevention of accidents which are not due to unforeseeable behaviour or gross negligence on the part of the injured employee. If the employee is fully trained in his or her profession, the employer is faced with less stringent requirements when it comes to instructing and supervising employees.

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Tax authorities in most cantons recognise that artworks are fraught with a large degree of uncertainty.
06. August 2020

Works of art – capital investments or household goods?

Artworks are subject to the wealth tax – unlike household goods and personal effects. Drawing the line between these categories often represents a significant challenge. Furthermore, the fact that the tax rules for artworks differ from canton to canton further complicates the matter.

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Managers (home office) must update the respective deadlines for the social security obligations for employees who are resident abroad and working from home.
04. August 2020

Continuing to work from home

It is important to consider social security, tax and legal issues if your employees will continue to work from home – especially if they are resident abroad. The current flexibility with regard to social insurance obligations will not last indefinitely.

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The employment office requires comprehensive information for the first month’s payroll in the event of short-time working. Moore Zurich-Glattbrugg has the overview for you.
02. July 2020

Formal requirements for short-time working

What information and documents are required by the employment office for the first month’s payroll for short-time working? REFIDAR MOORE STEPHENS has the overview for entrepreneurs.

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