The EU has tightened controls on A1 certificates since 1 January 2019

Angestellte mit A1-Bescheinigung wartet auf Grenzkontrolle

Anyone who is employed temporarily in an EU member state must carry an A1 certificate – regardless of the duration of their assignment or whether they are an employee or self-employed.

This applies to ALL cross-border activities and therefore also to company directors, consultants and staff delegated to trade fairs and conferences. The A1 certificate proves that the employee is covered by social security insurance in their country of residence.

Since January 2019, the obligation to carry an A1 certificate has been enforced more stringently. Anyone who fails to produce an A1 certificate upon request can expect to pay a fine as well as additional social security contributions. It is therefore important to issue every cross-border employee with an A1 certificate. The certificate can be applied online from the compensation offices.