Federal Council specifies new job vacancy notification requirement

Jobseekers in industries with an average unemployment rate of 8% or higher can now benefit from additional information and a head start over other applicants.

From 1 July 2018, all job vacancies for occupations with an average unemployment rate of 8 per cent or higher must be reported.
A list of notifiable occupations is available online at

An exemption from this notification requirement exists for vacancies that are filled internally within a company by a person who has been employed there for at least six months. The same applies for trainees who are hired after completing their apprenticeship or if the employment will last a maximum of 14 calendar days.

According to Seco, vacancies can be published online via the new portal «», and also by phone, e-mail or in writing. The more detailed the information about the job vacancy, the greater the ability of the regional employment agency (RAV) to propose suitable candidates.

For five working days, the details of each vacancy are only accessible to jo

bseekers registered with the RAV, as well as the RAV’s employees. This ensures that registered jobseekers have a head start. Afterwards, the employer will receive feedback from the RAV regarding suitable candidates within three days.